Redevelopment of CFB Rockcliffe Air Base

Ajay Singh and Alex McNiven are monitoring this redevelopment process on behalf of the CGCA BoD and the community at large.

Look to this page for regular updates as the planning process unfolds.

The Canada Lands Company (CLC) held its third community consultation regarding its plans for the development of the former CFB Rockcliffe on February 20, 2014.

Following this consultation, CLC has identified its next steps regarding the development of this community as follows:

Canada Lands Company finalizes Community Design Plan (CDP) & submits to City of Ottawa with supporting reports such as Environmental Assessment (EA) Master Plans for Transportation & Servicing Infrastructure which include impact assessment and mitigation plans.

  1. City of Ottawa begins public & technical agency      review to prepare recommendation to Planning Committee.
  2. City of Ottawa publishes notice for EAs and Planning      Committee agenda on website & in newspaper. EA Reports available      for public review.
  3. City of Ottawa holds public hearing at Planning      Committee – Public can provide comments.
  4. Planning Committee makes recommendation on CDP and related      Secondary Plan Amendment to Official Plan to City Council.
  5. City Council makes its decision on CDP & related      Secondary Plan Amendment.
  6. Canada Lands Company applies for plan of subdivision      & zoning for Phase 1.
  7. Canada Lands Company starts Phase 1 by constructing      infrastructure (roads, sewer & water), landscaping parks &      selling lands to builders. Approximate target: 2015-16
  8. First residents move in by 2017-18.


For more information regarding current activities related to these plans, please visit the CLC Rockcliffe Lands page at  You may also wish to access the Resource Library (which includes plans, reports and the presentation from the latest consultation) at

One Response to Redevelopment of CFB Rockcliffe Air Base

  1. allanmartel says:

    I assume that you are referring to the upgrades to the Cardinal Glen Park.

    This project will proceed as soon as Section 37 funds are released by Brigil to the City of Ottawa.

    We expect this to happen within the next 12 months.

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