Welcome to the CGCA website

Welcome to the Cardinal Glen Community Association Web Site. Cardinal Glen is a community of
homeowners in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The housing development was constructed in the early 1990s
and there are 144 homes in the community.

Each house in Cardinal Glen fronts on Dunbarton Court which is a small circular side street off of St.
Laurent Boulevard just north of the intersection of Montreal Road and St. Laurent Boulevard.

The photo banner at the top of this page shows the entrance sign for Cardinal Glen and an image of the
magnolia tree in bloom at 135 Dunbarton Court.

The purpose of the Web Site is to facilitate communication among community residents and to provide
linkages to various elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

The Maintenance and Upkeep tab in the menu bar above is your link to articles about home maintenance
posted by Cardinal Glen residents participating in the Maintenance and Upkeep Group which is a sub-
committee of the Community Association. This section of the site also includes contact information
for advice on maintenance and upkeep issues as well as a list of contractors with whom residents have
worked satisfactorily.

There is also a page for facilitating open discussions among community members – the Cardinal Glen Discussion Forum – where you can post comments or queries related to community issues.

Our municipal councillor is Tobi Nussbaum and there is a link to his Web Site under the links tab. Material received from his office that pertains to Cardinal Glen will be posted on this site under the Urban Planning section of the site, specifically under the “Regional Councillor – Tobi Nussbaum” tab.

Allan Martel acts as webmaster for this site and his contact information is included under the contacts
tab along with information for each of the officers of the Cardinal Glen Community Association.

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